Greg Thompson Automotive Design

MISSION -    Welcome, GT Automotive Design was founded in late 2013.  The main strategy is to achieve a high level of realistic design solutions that can be used for wide range of automotive products.  It has always been a primary focus to develop realistic vehicle concepts that have real world relevance while taking into consideration our clients vision's for future products.   It is very important  to create and deliver designs that have taken into consideration variables that make them as closely related to  production designs as possible during their conceptual development.  

HISTORY - Greg grew up in the rural parts of northern Maryland where a healthy dose of hard work and time for athletic pursuits blended with a great appreciation for nature.   Having exposure to various mechanical farm equipment during his youth led to a deep fascination with how it was used and designed.   At an early age the desire to create took on many outlets though none more prosperous than in the fine arts.  From a very early age these talents were encouraged and reinforced through various apprenticeships and art schools.  Drawing, painting and sculpting were at the core of an ever growing and expanding tool kit that eventually lead to a degree in the fine arts with a concentration in Industrial Design at the Maryland Institute College of Art (2000-2004).  In 2004 Greg was the first Industrial Designer recruited and hired by the US Army at Aberdeen Proving Ground, specifically focusing on developing products for the war-fighter and emphasizing on creating the best possible experience to the end user. Working with a world class group of engineers and software developers his talents have produced several award winning products that continue to improve the effectiveness and safe being to the modern soldier.  While Greg's main focus has been his ever growing passion for automotive design,  his expertise is not solely limited to this exciting industry.   Greg has always had a deep passion for all things mechanical in nature this has funneled his talents into a much wider scope of industries.  Other projects have lead to a variety of opportunities and experience  in other fields including furniture design and interior design, maritime vessel design, consumer electronics and most recently unmanned aerial systems.   In 2009 Greg was approached by a few smaller companies within the automotive world to develop a variety of products.  After fulfilling these first few projects it was decided that Greg's specific talents, passion, and knowledge of the automotive industry would greatly benefit a wide variety of clients from small startups to larger consulting efforts and steps were taken to formalize the process, leading to the formation of Greg Thompson Automotive Design.   

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